Tuition Policy

This tuition policy describes the rules associated with tuition, missed lessons, and refunds.

Lessons Policy
Each month, tuition is paid for the number of lessons in that month. Sometimes there are 4 lessons and sometimes there are 5 lessons in a month. Our contract with you is that you pay a monthly tuition and your lesson time is scheduled and reserved just for you. We then contract with your teacher for the lesson days and times for the month. Your lesson day and time will not be reassigned to someone else unless you have notified us that you will miss a lesson. Your lesson day and time will not be changed to another day or time without your approval.

Advanced Notice for Cancelled Lessons
When you must miss a lesson for any reason, we require that you give us at least 24 hours notice in advance of your lesson time. When you give us advanced notice that you must miss a lesson, a make up lesson will be provided at a time convenient to both student and teacher. Sometimes sudden illness or an emergency prevents people from giving a day of advanced notice, but notice must be given at the earliest possible time and no less than one hour before the lesson time. If you don't call, or if you call within an hour of the beginning time for the lesson, you will forfeit your lesson and the tuition for that lesson.

If the teacher must cancel, we will every attempt to give you as much notice as possible, as soon as it comes to our attention. A make up lesson will be provided at a time convenient to both student and teacher.

We do not give credit on future invoices for missed or cancelled lessons.

We do not encourage skipping lessons, because consistency in weekly lessons is important for students to progress. If your lesson day falls on any national or religious holiday, you are welcome to schedule a different day. If rescheduling is not an option, we can build in make-up time with your regular weekly lesson. Skipped lessons must be made up within 3 months or the lesson time will be forfeited. Students who frequently skip lessons may be dropped.

Vacation and Tuition
If you will be away from home for 1-5 weeks, and not available to come to your weekly lessons, tuition must be paid in advance to hold your lesson day and time. Make up time can be scheduled before and/or after vacation. You can choose to not pay tuition while you are away. If you are gone from lessons for more than a month, when you return, you can re-enroll as a returning student and pay the registration fee. We can't guarantee you will have the same day/time you had before, since it would not have been reserved for you during your vacation. You can select from the available lesson days and times.

Summer Leave of Absence
If you will be gone for most of the summer, and are not paying to hold your lesson day and time during the summer, but want to reserve a place beginning September 1, you can select an available day and time before you leave and then pre-pay for September. Then your lesson day and time will be reserved for you in September. You will not have to pay the registration fee to re-enroll.

Pay-as-you-go Lessons
If you find that your personal schedule or financial situation has changed and you are not able to commit to a full month of weekly lessons, you can choose to have lessons on an inconsistent basis. You can call for availability and we can work with you to schedule a lesson when the teacher has an opening. In this situation, you must pay in advance. We will not schedule a teacher unless the lesson is pre-paid.

Orchestras, Ensembles, Group Classes
Tuition is due in full and in advance for all ensemble classes/rehearsals in the term. There are no refunds for participants who change their minds, drop out, or miss an ensemble classes/rehearsal. Makeup class will be provided for a class cancelled by the instructor. Cancellations and makeup dates will be posted on the Bachus Conservatory website on the "Calendar" page. If the class is cancelled due to low enrollment numbers, the tuition fee will be refunded.

There are no refunds unless Bachus Conservatory is not able or not willing to provide the services for which the client contracted.