Our Piano Classes provide students with a fun and educational musical experience in a supportive and stimulating environment. Students will begin sight reading with the first lesson and will enjoy learning how to do lots of fun things they didn't know they could do!

- - Piano Classes for Kids ages 6 + - -

Classes provide more time with the teacher so kids can learn most or all of their music assignment during the lesson each week. They typically leave class with much of their piece learned. Because they are focused on their assignment for an hour, sight-reading improves at a much faster pace. Practice at home is less stressful because they learned the music in class.

Instructor: Brett Bachus

  • Class Size: 5 students, ages 6-18, all levels.
  • You can join a piano class anytime! Classes are very productive while providing encouragement and building confidence!
  • Students work independently with earphones. The teacher can also plug into each digital piano to work with individual students.
  • Parents can choose from several classes. Additional classes will be posted as they become available.
    • Thursdays
    • 6:00 - 7:00pm
  • Piano Classes meet once a week.
  • Classes focus on building sight-reading and playing skills.
  • Students can learn classical, pop and/or musical theater pieces.
  • Great for children and teens who want to learn to play the piano or to improve their skills.
  • Would you like more information? or a free trial lesson? 512-454-2533

    - - Piano Class for Adult Beginners - -

    Instructor: Brett Bachus

    • Class Size: 4-5 Adults
    • "Piano for Adult Beginners".
      • Thursdays
      • 7:00 - 8:00pm
    • Would you like to learn to play the piano? You do not need to know anything about playing piano.
    • You will be surprised how quickly you will learn to play. You will be able play your first piece in the first class.
    • The first few classes will focus on beginning sight-reading, basic piano skills and confidence building.
    • Great for parents who want to be able to help their child with piano at home.
    • Perfect for adults who just want to learn to play the piano.
    • Tuition for group piano class is $30/hour, 1 hour per week, paid by the month in advance.

    Would you like more information? 512-454-2533

    Group classes are so much fun!

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